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Do you or your co-workers engage in business meetings regularly? Does it require you to travel across the country or down the coast? Rely on Reliant Air ! We offer business jets that can be used for corporate flights. If you want to learn more about our fleet or our private jet charter options, give us a call. We have been flying people to their destinations for many years.

Since 1981, we have been serving businesses and the communities in our area. In over 35 years of operation, we have never had an accident or incident during our flights. Contact our team today to inquire about the availability of our business jet. We look forward to flying you to your next destination.

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If you need to find a private aircraft charter company, look no further than the professionals here at Reliant Air. Our team is more than ready to fly you to your destination with one of our business jets. Need to complete work on your flight? Our fleet has air crafts that have Wi-Fi available!

Ready to book your corporate flight with Reliant Air ? Call us and we can go over your needs and decide which aircraft from our fleet will suit you best. We can also look at the dates you need our business jet for and determine if they will be available or not. We are excited to fly you to your destination! We are proud to serve those in the Westchester & Manhattan, NY areas or Englewood & Ridgewood, NJ, or Greenwich, CT.

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