Nantucket Shuttle


Reliant Air proudly offers quality shuttle service from Danbury Municipal Airport to/from Nantucket Memorial Airport and Nantucket Memorial Airport to Westchester County Airport June 26th  through September 8th. Please note adjustments to the schedule holiday weekends. Beverages and light snacks are made available during all flights. All pilots are Flight Safety trained and undergo FAA required check rides. Reliant Air is Wyvern Registered and ARGUS Gold approved.

DXR/ACK Departs Departure Time Arrives Arrival Time
Friday DXR-Danbury 5:00PM ACK-Nantucket 6:00PM
Sunday ACK-Nantucket 4:45PM DXR-Danbury 5:45PM

*$625/Seat each way-All taxes included

ACK/HPN Departs Departure Time Arrives Arrival Time
Monday ACK-Nantucket 6:30AM HPN-White Plains 7:30AM

*$700/Seat each way-All taxes included

DXR/ACK Departs Departure Time Arrives Arrival Time
Sunday DXR-Danbury 3:00PM ACK-Nantucket 4:00PM

*$275/Seat each way-All taxes included


Independence Day weekend: The Danbury/Nantucket shuttle will operate Wednesday July 2nd at 5:00PM. The Nantucket/Danbury shuttle will operate Sunday July 5th.

Labor Day weekend: The Danbury/Nantucket shuttle will operate Friday September 4th at 5:00PM. The Nantucket/Danbury shuttle will operate Monday September 7th at 4:45PM. The Nantucket/White Plains shuttle will operate Tuesday September 8th at 6:30AM.

Departure Information: Please plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to departure time to allow for passenger and baggage loading. As a consideration to all passengers, the shuttle leaves promptly at the scheduled time.

Baggage: Golf clubs, baby strollers, scooters,  and other odd shaped/oversized/irregular items may not be able to fit in the aircraft. Those particular items may be taken as baggage by request on the day of the shuttle strictly on a space available basis. Surf boards and bicycles are not permitted.

Pets: One dog is permitted on the shuttle provided the dog is no larger than 60 pounds. One cat is permitted on the shuttle provided it is kept in a carrier for the entirety of the trip. Reservations for pets must be made in advance and is on a first come, first served basis

Special Offer: Discounted rates are available and are contingent upon prepayment of 10 seats minimum. The book rate cost per seat for the Danbury/Nantucket shuttle is $600/ticket and Nantucket/White Plains shuttle is $675. There is no discount option for off peak shuttle tickets.  The reservation, cancellation and change policy for book rate seats is uniform with policies for regular rate tickets. (See below).

Reservations, cancellations, changes: All seat(s) booked over the phone will be billed by the end of business on the day of reservation and are non-refundable. All seat(s) booked through our website will be charged to the credit card given immediately and are non-refundable. ALL changes to any reservations must be made at least 48 hours prior to the flight. Seats will be rescheduled on a space available basis.  Failure to communicate changes to our office will result in forfeiture of the ticket. All tickets purchased expire one year after date of purchase and can be applied towards a charter after the completion of the shuttle season. Cancellations must be made in writing via email to

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